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Fun and Exciting Avril Lavigne Girlfriend Song – 2007

Avril Lavigne Girlfriend – the Ultimate Competitive Love Song

Avril Lavigne Girlfriend

The Avril Lavigne Girlfriend song stirs up emotions of competing in relationships with others and the competitions that we face in the game of love; a perfect discussion on a page dedicated to Valentines and Love. This song is about a new girl trying to barge into a romance and become the new “girlfriend”.

In this comedy-based video Avril plays two funny parts the new “bad” girl trying to break in on the nerdy girl’s relationship. In this video there are funny scenes where Avril and the boyfriend are at a golf course and go cart racecourse. The bad girl is trying to break up the relationship with the guy and is always throwing the other girlfriend to the side.

Avril Lavigne Girlfriend: Song History

In 1978, a pop group called The Rubinoos recorded the song “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,” which bears some resemblance to this. The writers of The Rubinoos song sued Lavigne in 2007 over the similarities. Avril responded with this statement: “I had never heard this song in my life and their claim is based on five words! All songs share similar lyrics and emotions. As humans we speak one language. Let it be crystal clear that I have not ripped anyone off or done anything wrong.”

In an interview on Britain’s Channel 4 TV, Avril Lavigne explained: “The song is just a fun song and it doesn’t really mean anything. Writing it I just starting singing, ‘I don’t like your girlfriend, I think you need a new one,’ thinking this is cool. So we just went in that direction.”

Avril Lavigne earned two million dollars in a year after her management company uploaded this song’s official video to YouTube. Due largely to a coordinated fan campaign, the video clocked up almost 100 million hits from around the world between mid 2007 and mid 2008. This meant that there was close to 100 million ad-views and even after YouTube took its cut, there was close to $2m owing to the Canadian songstress.

Speaking about the song becoming her first #1, Lavigne told Billboard magazine: “Sometimes I’ve found that the stuff I write really quickly and don’t really think about tends to be the magic. We both knew, Dr. Luke and I, that that song was going to do well.”

Avril Lavigne Girlfriend: Music and Performance

This music video provides some great grunge sounds, and dance performance. Avril portrays both the goofy current girlfriend and the strong-willed girl trying to break into the relationship. In this video the sound of hard grunge guitars and a heavily driven beat surround the song. This song really portrays sounds from the 1990s and 2000s. I also enjoy the driving beat of the song – it really makes you want to shake your head and move to the song. Also the dance sequence of this song is fantastic, and I love that short little interlude where she dances to the loud beat.

In this video you feel sorry for the nerdy girl trying to hold on to her girlfriend and then being pushed around by the other girl – but it can be funny. This is the trouble with romantic love – there always seems to be a looser and someone who gets a bad break. And I’m sure that we’ve all been heartbroken from time to time and have that bad feeling where we have gotten the short end of the stick.

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